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Math Curriculum

TimeAug. 31, 2012

from:Fridrich, Dana

to:Math DF 1

This year in Math class we will be using Saxon math.  This curriculum consists of tow components.  The first component is individual lessons. Students will complete at least one lesson per day.  Students work at thier own pace yet they are monitered for task completion and encouraged to work diligently during class to complete as much work as they can.  Grades are given based on the assessments.  The seond component is called the morning meeting.  This is a group activity that is directed by the teacher. Students are required to participate to the best of thier individual ability.  They are given a participation grade.  The grade ranges from 0-3, with 3 being the maximum number of points to be earned.  It will appear in the gradebook as mmp, for moring meeting participation.

We will also be using i-ready as a part of the math curriculum.  The results will be shared with parents at conferences.