Week 1

TimeSept. 05, 2012

from:Turnbull, Grady

to:All Students

Hello Students and Parents,

The first week of school is over, and I'm glad to say that we're off to a great start!  All of you students have started the year with a good attitude, and so far everyone is on track to learn a lot and get a great grade.  

The only homework from Week 1 was for students to have their parents sign the syllabus, and return the slip to me.  If you lost it, ask me for a replacement.  That's your first homework assignment, and it is graded!  The easiest points you'll earn all year!

As a quick reminder, your grade in my class is based on just FOUR things:

10%- Homework

20%- Classwork

20%- Weekly Progress Checks

50%- Daily Participation

So make sure you're coming to class and participating every day, and you're sure to get a grade that you're happy with.  Remember, if you have any questions or concerns, just let me know.  You can talk to me before school, at lunch, during 7th period, or after school.  And students or parents can always send me an email at turnbullg@nhalv.org .  

So let's keep up the good attitudes and work habits for Week 2, and through the rest of the school year!

--Mr. Turnbull