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Colonial Life/Colonial Economy

TimeSept. 23, 2012

from:Bidell, Barbara

to:US History

This week, students embarked on a journey through colonial times. Students viewed a presentation and talked about limits on colonial trading through the Navigation Acts, and which businesses thrived in which colonies. We have also started talking about the evolution of slavery-which started with the Dutch East India Company, the founder of New Amsterdam (eventually New York). Students were surprised to find out that it was fewer than a dozen slaves who laid the foundation for what is now the largest city in the United States. Students also learned about John Punch, the runaway African slave who received a much harsher penalty than his white counterparts when he was apprehended. His case set the precedent for injustices done to the African slaves for the next two centuries. Students will continue watching a film on slavery. They will then complete their unit on Colonial Life and Colonial Economy. The test is scheduled for Friday. The homework for Monday will be associated with slavery. They will have to right five things they learned about slavery from the film or class discussions.

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