Ancient Rome Continued

TimeNov. 18, 2012

from:Bidell, Barbara

to:World History/Humanities

Students continue in their studies of Ancient Rome this week. They are working in groups on a project that will show their understanding of the evolution of the great Roman Empire. Some students are creating a group presentation, while others are writing a play on women's rights in Ancient Rome.  The presentation and the script can be found in your child's Google Drive if you would like to discuss it with him or her. The presentations are scheduled to be completed this Wednesday, but if students need more time, the deadline can be moved back a few days.

Last week there was no homework because students were not in school Monday. We will resume our homework this week though. Students will be answering the following question: What were the circumstances that allowed Julius Caesar to become dictator? Students should mention the triumvirate and how Caesar came to be the sole ruler of the empire. 

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