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History of Religions

TimeDec. 02, 2012

from:Bidell, Barbara

to:World History/Humanities

In World History, we are dove-tailing the history of religions with our study of the Roman Empire. As two of the world's major religions were integral parts of the empire, students will be doing projects about the sustaining of Judaism during the empire and the establishment and development of Christianity. While we are examining these two religions, we will also be comparing them with other major religions including Hinduism and Buddhism. Finally, we also will be looking at the development of Islam, although it was established 300 years after the division of the Roman Empire. Students will be working in partner groups to design projects that will examine the history, dogma, current demographics, and influences of these major world religions. The presentations should be historical accounts that are developed through valid research; students will not be injecting their opinions into their presentations, although I encourage you to discuss their findings and talk to them about their feelings associated with the religion. We will not be doing this at school.

For homework this week, students will be researching the current demographics of the world's major religions. They will be answering the following questions: What is the break-down of the major religions of world, (how many people practice these religions, listed in chronological order according to their inception):






As usual, if you have any concerns about the subject matter or the delivery of the material, please feel free to drop me a line at bidellb@nhalv.org or meet with me after school.