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American Revolution, Early America, and New Unit

TimeDec. 09, 2012

from:Bidell, Barbara

to:US History

Students are finishing their projects on the American Revolution and Early America. Homework for this Monday will revolve around the project. Those who have not completed it should do so. Those who have to run through the rubric and make sure that all the elements of the rubric have been met. 

Students will be presenting their projects on Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday, students will take a pre-tent on the early presidential administrations. On Friday, students will start their projects in which students will be writing a first person account of a president from Washington through Andrew Johnson, including their road to the White House and the key historical events that occurred during his adminstration. The rubrics are already in Googe Drive. Students who dress up as their president will receive extra credit. 

If you have any questions regarding anything going on in U.S. History this week, please feel free to drop me a line at bidellb@nhalv.org.