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Human Sexuality

TimeDec. 16, 2012

from:Bidell, Barbara


This week students are moving into a new unit on human sexuality. At the end of the unit in January, students will be able to identify key vocabulary of human sexuality; they should ahve an overall understanding of pregnancy and pregnancy prevention, as well as knowledge about specific means of preventing pregnancy. One of the exercises that students will be participating in is one that will provide students with greater appreciation for the responsibility of parenthood. Students will be using flour to create a make-shift baby. To conclude the unit, students will be taking their babies with them everywhere including home, waking up at 2 a.m. to feed their babies, and e-mailing me about the experience. They will need to do this Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of that week (January 22, 23, 24). 

If you have any questions or concerns about this unit or anything else within the curriculum, please feel free to drop me an e-mial at bidellb@nhalv.org.