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The History of China

TimeDec. 16, 2012

from:Bidell, Barbara

to:World History/Humanities

This upcoming week, students are going to move through the entire history of one of the most influencial cultures in the world: China. We will start with Ancient China, moved through the age of Confucious and Imperial China to modern-day Communist China. Students have decided to write a series of skits in which they will show their understanding of the evolution of Chinese history. Students have a timeline of Chinese history in their drive. Their name is next to their two assignments. For this unit, I will be working with the students to create a rubric for the assignment. At this point, students should know the important elements that shape history. We will review those and make sure that they are reflected in the rubric.

For homework on Monday, students will be answering this question: How many years does the Chinese historical timeline cover?

If you have any questions regarding that rubric, the unit, or anything else, please feel free to drop me a line.