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Inauguration and the Legislative Branch

TimeJan. 21, 2013

from:Bidell, Barbara

to:Am. Government

This week, students will be exploring varioius aspects of government. We will start the week viewing Monday's inauguration. Students will then discuss the inauguration, the process, and how some aspects have evolved and some have stayed the same. We will then talk about the ideologies of the President as highlighted in the inaugural address and how those ideologies might be translated into legislation. We will also incorporate the ideologies of Martin Luthern King, Junior as a follow up to the holiday celebration. We will talk about civil disobedience and how it has transformed the American landscape through legislation. This will move us back into our unit on the Legislative Branch of the United States Government, and we will continue where we left off on writing our bills. 

Students will not have any homework this week since we were not in school due to the MLK, Jr. holiday.

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