Road to and through the Civil War

TimeJan. 21, 2013

from:Bidell, Barbara

to:US History

Students will be wrapping up their unit on the Road to the Civil War. Students will be playing a review game on Tuesday and will complete their test on Wednesday. For the test on the causes of the Civil War, students will not be able to use their reference materials; in other words, this test is NOT open note or open book. This is a little different than what students are used to; however, I would like students to be able to talk about the subject matter without reference to materials. Depending on the test scores, this might become a permanent practice. If you have concerns about such a practice (testing without references), please feel freet to contact me at

Following Wednesday's test, students will transition into the Civil War itself. We will embark on a journey to many of the battlefields, using the classroom technology to go on virtual tours of those battlefields. 

Students will not have homework this week since Monday was a holiday.