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The History of Las Vegas

TimeFeb. 10, 2013

from:Bidell, Barbara

to:Nevada History

Well, we have moved into the 20th Century in our study of Nevada History. Students will be venturing into new territory as they collaborate as a class on a play about the history of Las Vegas. The play starts out on the Stewart ranch, moves through the selling of the ranch of the railroad, and its eventual auctioning to start the city. The play will move through the legalization of gambling in the early 30s, the address the first hotels in Las Vegas, and will move through the evolution of the Strip. If this sounds like a big venture; it is. Students will be working on the project through February and March. We hope to put on the play sometime in the last week of March. I will be sure to update you on memorization of lines when we get to that point. Students should have their scripts in their drives by Monday afternoon. Let me know if you cannot find it.

Homework for this week will center around the State of the Union address, (this is week). Students will be answering the following questions:

1) Where does the President deliver the State of the Union?

2) Name three issues President Obama mentioned in this year's address.

3) Who was the Cabinet member who was not in attendance at the address? Why is it necessary that one member of the President's Cabinet not be present?

Once again, we will be swapping homework night with Mr. Turnbull; students will be getting their Math homework on Monday.

If you have any questions, please feel free to drop me an e-mail at bidellb@nhalv.org.