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African Mask Project

TimeMarch 03, 2013

from:Bidell, Barbara

to:World History/Humanities

This week, students are completing African masks and will create a project about the history and meaning of the mask. Students will present their projects next week. The project will conclude their unit on African History. Most students performed well no their vocabulary quiz this week, and most were very enthused about the mask project. For homework this week, students will focus on current events in Africa. Students will choose one of the 54 countries in Africa and answer the following questions:

1) What type of government does the country have?

2) Who is the leader of that country and what is his or her title (is he or she the president, prime minister)?

3) What are some of the issues associated with that country? Is there rampant poverty or famine? Is there political turmoil?

For homework March 11, students will complete their African mask project if they have not already done so.