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Federal Lawmakers

TimeMarch 03, 2013

from:Bidell, Barbara

to:Am. Government

Last week, students completed the committee phase of E-Congress. Each partner group reviewed two bills from other parts of the country; there were bills from Mississippi, Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania (3), and Ohio that students analyzed for their content, concepts, and feasibility. Students either approved the bills and sent them onto the E-House floor, or suggested amendments for the bills they reviewed. Students performed remarkably well on these analyses. The next phase will have students looking at amendments suggested for their bills and changing those to make them more palatable for those who would be voting on them.

While students are awaiting word on their own bills, they will be working on Bell Work (review of concepts associated with the Legislative branch of the U.S. government), and they also will be reviewing actual bills in the House and Senate. In addition, students are working on projects that will feature an actual federal lawmaker. The rubric for this project can be found in each student's drive. For the next two weeks (March 4 and March 11), students should work on the legislator project for twenty minutes at home for homework. Students also will be given class time to work on it. 

Those who are taking proficiency exams will be excused from the Bell Work review cheats and the bill analysis on the days they are testing.