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Mature Life, Aging, and Death

TimeApril 22, 2013

from:Bidell, Barbara


Students will be wrapping up their unit on Mature Life, Aging, and Death early in the week. We will be playing a review game on Monday and then students will take the test on Tuesday. The test can be found in their drive, so feel free to review that with them.

On Wednesday, we will be going over practical means to promote longevity; nutrition coupled with basic exercise. Students once again will be working in their journals telling of ways they have utilized what they have learned in the unit. A couple times during the unit, we will be headed outdoors to exercise. Depending on behavior, we might be playing games like soccer or basketball. The aim is to get students excited about exercising.

As usual, if you have any questions about either of these units, their service delivery, or anything else related to our curriculum, please drop me a line at bidellb@nhalv.org.