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An overview of the year

TimeAug. 29, 2012

from:Price, Chuck

to:MS 6/7 B LA/SS/D

September, 2012

Six Seven LA/SS/Drama Curriculum Overview

   This page will provide a brief overview of our curriculum for the year and the key skills and ideas which I hope the students will learn by May.      
    As much as possible, I attempt to blend the curriculum of language arts into social studies.  As can be seen below, many of the novels that we will be reading focus on certain historical periods and issues.                     


Books which will be read this year:
Latin America
World Explorer- Latin America
The Secret of The Andes
Heart of a Jaguar
I, Juan de Pareja
Learning to Bow
Collection of Latin American prose and poetry
Where Angels Glide at Dawn
The Honorable Prison
Short stories from Junior Great Books
The Underdogs
Little Sister
You Gotta Have Wa
Red Scarf Girl
Wordly Wise 3000 Book 10
Tao of Pooh, Te of Piglet
Kazunomiya, Princess of Heaven


-Homework is always due the next day, unless noted on the white board in the classroom.  The thinkwave.com website is another resource in case of questions.
-Late assignments will not be accepted for credit, however these assignments must be completed.
-Assignments must be neat and legible.
-Students are expected to keep all returned work in their accordion file in the organizational pattern established by the teacher.
-Two missed homework assignments in one week causes loss of TGIF privileges.


Our Schedule:
  September: Latin America’s geography
October: Pre-Columbian    Cultures,
November-Galleons Simulation, Explorers, Start on Yahara entries and NHD
December- Hegemony, Independence
January- Social stratification in the 19th century
February- Modern day challenges in Latin America, NHD, stage plays
March- Life in Japan’s schools
April- Other aspects of modern Japan/Warlords of Japan   simulation.
May- Japan’s history/twentieth century China


An oral book report will occur monthly.  These are based on the books which the students read in their free time

Language Arts:
-write a variety of poems and stories.                                           -effectively analyze how authors create stories in terms of plot, character, setting and style.          -master writing a cohesive five paragraph essay.
-learn vocabulary and spelling.
Social Studies                               -recognize how historical forces have shaped modern-day countries and cultures.                       -Recognize that countries around the world face similar challenges in development and social issues   -gain familiarity with many kinds of maps and projections.                   -develop an ability to think critically and originally in the study of history.
-maintain a keen and focused eye on current events.

-gain confidence in public speaking (monthly oral book             reports)
-be able to perform confidently in front of a large crowd
-develop skills in formal debates
-write dramatic scripts, both individually and in groups
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