Welcome to Jr. 4/5 Science!

TimeAug. 29, 2012

from:Nystrand, Nancy

to:All Students

     Welcome to Jr. 4/5 Science!  We have now had our first day of classes, and I greatly enjoyed meeting everyone.  I am looking forward to many exciting activities and discussions with both groups.  

     We will have three major units this year:  Plants (with a special emphasis on trees); Force, Motion, and Simple Machines; and Evolution, Cells, and Heredity.  The plant unit will include an introduction to basic plant structures and their functions, the importance of plants - especially trees, and a leaf collection.  During the next unit, the students will be introduced to the concepts of force as a push or a pull, and work in the scientific sense. They will also construct models of each of the six simple machines, then disect appliances to find the simple machines inside them.  The last major unit is an introduction to evolution, cells, and heredity.  If there is time left in the year, we will try to use it for experiments.  

     I am looking forward to an exciting year with the Jr. 4/5s!