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Weekly report

TimeAug. 31, 2012

from:Abbott, Angela

to:7/8 A History - US / English

I am available every morning from 7:40- 8:15 am for student consultation.

All "information" handouts will be available on line shortly. You can read the hard copies kept in your child's History binder.

It has been a delight to meet the new 7/8 students, and welcome back the returning students. They have a challenging and rewarding year ahead.

This week I talked about how my classroom is organized and how I operate. They have been thrown into the study of Political Science this week by monitoring the Republican Party's convention in Tampa. Next week it is the Democratic party's turn. For the next two months students will be profiling candidates for the Presidency, Congress and Governorships. They will also be examining the major issues being discussed in this election cycle. The result will be a lot of "informed " debate :)

Have a great Labour day w/end :)