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First Week of Art

TimeSept. 02, 2012

from:Beckett, Marcia

to:Nest - 5/6 Art

During the first week of art, we became acquainted with the art room and the procedures of art class.  Each of the classes start working on the covers for their sketchbooks.  We are using individual sheets of prepunched cardstock (donated by the UW medical records center) and will bind them with rings later in the year.

Nest:  We read the book The Art Box which is about all the many types of supplies you might find in the art room.  Then, they chose a color and created a color collage from magazine images. 

Primary:  Each student made an image of the first initial of their name by cutting out colors from magazines and assembling them to form their initial.  In the background, they made texture rubbings with crayons and added watercolor paint for an extra burst of color.

Upper Primary:  The UPs made circle prints by dipping cylindrical objects in paint and dabbing them on paper.  When dry, the circles were colored with markers.

Intermediate:  They created a name design for their sketchbook cover and they started their first big art project.  On Friday, we read the book Luke's Way of Looking about a child who sees the world in his own way.  They experimented mixing colors of paint and created a background for a self-portrait.

3/4:  The 3/4s are using a grid layout to make a design for their sketchbook cover.

4/5:  The students each made a sketchbook cover by drawing their name very large and filling in spaces with bold patterns.

5/6:  The 5/6s are also making a name design for their sketchbook, but they are using objects to draw the letters of their name.  For example, they could use a crescent moon for the letter "C"  or a donut for the letter "O".  This project is really stretching their creativity.