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Reminder! Wear appropriate shoes and clothing, please.

TimeSept. 05, 2012

from:Van Boldrik, Maggie

to:All Students

The Intermediate and 3/4 science units spend a great deal of time outdoors in tall grasses and woods.  Several students have come to class on field days wearing flip-flops, open-toed, or 'fancy' shoes.  These have proved problematic in the last few days.  If your child is sensitive to grasses, or just doesn't like grass scratching their bare legs, please also remember to wear long slacks.  As the season progresses, plants with sticky seeds will be attaching themselves to clothing.  Jeans or smooth materials are better than fleece or tights, because they don't collect as many seeds. 

The 7/8 Biology students will go outside as well, though not as often as the younger students.  However, the recommendation applies to them as well.