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Jr. 4/5 Science

TimeSept. 07, 2012

from:Nystrand, Nancy

to:All Students

The Jr. 4/5 As and Bs have started the new year with a unit on plants with a special emphasis on trees.  The students began the unit with a short quiz called, "Is It a Plant?" to help uncover preconceptions that they have about plants.  Both groups discussed the results of this quiz and clarified some previously held ideas about plants.  The students also discussed and took notes on characteristics shared by most plants.  On Friday, 8/31, the students brought a variety of plant materials to the classroom to share, discuss, and examine with microscopes.  Both groups also watched the video, "Eyewitness: Plant" as an overview about plants.  During discussions, it became apparent that the students needed to review some basic material about ecology before going into too much more depth with plants, specifically.  Because the topic of plants is so broad, we will be narrowing our focus to trees: what makes a tree a tree, characteristics and basic parts that trees have in common with many other plants, and the identification of some local trees.