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Our art has a lot of "POP!"

TimeSept. 07, 2012

from:Beckett, Marcia

to:Nest - 5/6 Art

"In the future everyone will be famous for 15 minutes,"  Andy Warhol

The Upper Primaries are studying Andy Warhol, so I thought I would share this quote with you. Here are updates from the art room.

Nest:  We read the book The Dot, which is a charming story about a little girl who finds her artistic voice by creating dot paintings.  The children started a dot picture by cutting out large dots (circles) from colored construction paper.  Then, dots were added with paint dabbers and markers.  These have been added to Artsonia.com and soon you will receive instructions about how to log in.

Primary:  A slideshow was shown about Stuart Davis' artwork and we discussed how artists could use letters and words in their pictures.  The children are making delightful pictures by arranging letters into a design.  Markers are being used to add color.

Upper Primary:  As I mentioned earlier, the Upper Primaries are learning about Andy Warhol and Pop Art.  They used mirrors to draw a self-portrait.  The self-portraits were photocopied several times and each were colored in bold and expressive colors.  To learn about Warhol, the students saw pictures of his work and next week we are going to read a book and watch a short video about him.

Intermediates:  The Intermediates have spent the past week mixing colors of paint and discovering new colors.  They divided a background into squares and rectangles and used their paint to color the sections.  Next week, we will be drawing a self-portrait to place on top of the background.

3/4s: We have finished our grid sketchbook covers.  The 3/4Bs have unfortunately missed two art periods, due to the class being on a Monday, so they will catch up to the other class next week.  We are now going to be working on an "Art is..." poster.  Using words and images, the students are making a poster that depicts what "Art is" to them.  We read the book Art Is.. by Bob Raczka.  This is one of my favorite children's books about art because it introduces all different types of art and shows what art can be!

4/5s:  We read about Leonardo DaVinci and his drawings of inventions.  The students are now using their imaginations to create their own invention.  They are coming up with all sorts of wild ideas.

5/6s:  The students have been taking their time to create some lovely name designs using objects for the letters.   We are now moving on to a design project.  They learned about two graphic artists:  Bradbury Thompson and Peter Max.  Working in partners or independently, students are making community posters for the school.  Some of the themes include building good character and celebrating the 30th anniversary of our school.