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Type to Learn at Home!

TimeSept. 14, 2012


to:All Students

Type to Learn for Free at Home!

This summer EAGLE purchased a new typing program; Type to Learn 4.  This comes with the added benefit of being a free home download and access to students' accounts.  Students can log in with the same info they use at school (their username and the password "type") and the first time you set it up you use the Account Code 144105.  Accounts have been created for Nest - Junior 5/6; if your 6/7 or 7/8 student would like to use this for building their typing skills, please contact Jack.

Please monitor your child's typing and make sure they use proper touch typing technique:  http://www.rapidtyping.com/typing-instructions.html

Download Type to Learn 4 at:  http://ttl4.sunburst.com/downloads/ 

Click on the link in the first paragraph that says "FULL VERSION" and then download the proper version, PC or Mac.