Welcome EAGLE School of Madison

WEEK 4: (September 17, 19 & 21st) Colors and Vowels (Primary)

TimeSept. 14, 2012

from:Avalos-Cano, Yazmin

to:All Students

- lunes Monday: Today my students will sing the colors song.



 Then the class will review the Spanish vowels: A, E, I, O, U. With the vowels, my students will learn a Spanish song: A, E, I, O, U. El burro sabe más que tú (A, E, I, O, U. The donkey is wiser than you).

- The class will play games in order to learn the colors and the vowels. This game is called, Alrededor del mundo Around the world.

- HOMEWORK – TAREA: Students must study the colors.


- miércoles - Wednesday --- The class will review the colors by going to quizlet. This is the link if you wish to practice at home:   <a href="http://quizlet.com/13693435/los-colores-flash-cards/">Los colores</a>

Today I will ask for volunteers to write a specific color on the board. This will help us practice our spelling competence.

Also, I will explain my class the importance of following the gender and number when writing or speaking in Spanish. In this case, I will explain this with colors. Look at the examples below.

Example – ejemplo:      

La casa rosa (the pink house)      -------     Las casas rosas (the pink houses)  
El oso negro (the black bear)   -------  Los osos  negros (the black bears)
La uva morada (the purple grape)     -------  Las uvas moradas (the purple grapes)       

- In order to review the colors and the numbers together, the class will play the following games: Around the world – Alrededor del mundo.

- TAREA: Students must complete the assignment called, “1. Los colores.”


- viernes - Friday --- Today I will introduce the numbers 0-20. My class will play fun games to review the colors and learn the numbers. Some of the games are: Around the World & Write the Number on the board.


- HOMEWORK – TAREA: Students must complete the assignment called, “2. Los colores.”