Welcome EAGLE School of Madison

Weekly Report

TimeSept. 14, 2012

from:Abbott, Angela

to:All Students

I am available every morning from 7:40- 8:15 am for student consultation.

All "information" handouts will be available on line shortly. You can read the hard copies kept in your child's History binder.

All units completed their review and discussion of the Democratic National Convention. They then started profining four presidential, two vice-presidential, and the WI senate candidates. We did take some time out of the national scene to discuss the emerging situation in Bengazi, Libya and Cairo, Egypt. and their impact on the presidential election. I reminded the students that they should be more aware of what is going on in the news and would appreciate it if parents would encourage them to do so.

All students were given a talk on plagiarism by Gabrielle during their R&W period. The handouts they recieved are in their history binders in the information section.

The Euro class have completed their examination of the geography of Europe and we are in the process of reviewing their politics packets.

The US units are in the process of learning about Dante, Samuel Johnson and Martin Niehmoller, the authors of three famous quotes they had written about.

From next week, homework that is not complete or done at all will be recorded that way, thereby affecting their quarterly grade. Students are expected to complete all their work.

Have a great w/end :)