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A Musical Update

TimeSept. 16, 2012

from:Harper, Darlene

to:7/8 Z Music

Dear Parents and Students,

I have enjoyed these past few weeks very much, and find this class to be interested, serious and fun!

We have so much to accomplish this semester and began the unit with the study of the evolution of the blues, from the call and response form, leading up to the poetry of Langston Hughes. The students wrote - and sang! - call and response first; then they went on to write an AAB blues lyric and spoke that to a 12-bar blues musical background.  This next week we will be starting Dream of Freedom, a 20th century piece using five poems by Langston Hughes.  It is difficult and beautiful, and I know this class will do it justice.

I will be in the Commons on Back-To-School Night, and I hope to see many of you there!