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QRT's and extra credit

TimeSept. 16, 2012

from:Van Boldrik, Maggie

to:7/8 Science - Biology

I wanted to clarify a couple of items...

  1. I will give everyone one grace (excused) for a late science notebook assignment  - per semester.  No carryovers.
  2. If you successfully hand in all your science notebook assignments on time, you will receive as extra credit the 5 points grace.  Again, no carryovers to the next semester.
  3. QRT's:  With the biology lab date moving to Fridays, and given the large numbers of Fridays we will have off this year, the Biology course will lose 6 full lab periods relative to previous years.  That's 12 periods!  Four of those lab periods are used when we take tests.  The 7/8 C's have also gained an extra QRT relative to their peers, so Carole has offered that the some of these lost lab periods can occur  during your QRT.  I will give at least one week's notice when this occurs.