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What is Art?

TimeSept. 17, 2012

from:Beckett, Marcia

to:Nest - 5/6 Art

Nest:  The Nest students are experimenting with lines in many ways.   They created a line picture with construction paper, markers and yarn.  This week they will be making another line drawing with markers and soon they will make a line sculpture using wire.

Primary:  Complementary colors will be introduced through discussion and the book The Orange Book, by Richard McGuire (which is a delightful vintage children's book that contains pictures entirely using orange and blue colors).  The children will make complementary color collages.

Upper Primary:  Maps are the theme of this week.  The children will be making neighborhood maps and later, imaginary maps. 

Intermediates:   We are drawing a self-portrait to place on top of our painted backgrounds.

3/4s:  We are working on an "Art is..." poster.  Using words and images, the students are making a poster that depicts what "Art is" to them.  We read the book Art Is.. by Bob Raczka.  This is one of my favorite children's books about art because it introduces all different types of art and shows what art can be!

4/5s:  The 4/5s are using magazines pictures to create a collage of the interior of a house.  They are focusing on overlapping and integrating the shapes.  Soon, they will be introduced to Surrealism and they will be adding unexpected elements to their picture using size, scale, juxtaposition and dislocation to create a surreal atmosphere.

5/6s:  The 5/6s had the privilege of listening to Mrs. Doris Koster, a wife of a veteran, talk to our class about the story of the poppies and read to us the poem "In Flander's Field" http://www.cal-mum.com/poppy.htm

The 5/6s will be making posters to honor the veterans.  These will be displayed at the Fitchburg Senior Center and three will be chosen for top honors and seven for honorable mentions.  The students will be invited to a Veteran's Day ceremony at the Senior Center.