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EAGLE Tech Month: A Call for Presenters

TimeSept. 20, 2012


to:All Students

Presenters Wanted for EAGLE Tech Month

November is “Tech Month” at EAGLE; we seek to raise awareness of the critical role computer science education has in preparing students for 21st Century careers and the transformative role computing plays in today’s society. During the month of November (coinciding with MAP testing taking over the lab), Jack is hoping to organize a series of lectures and workshops for classes Intermediate through Middle School 7/8 led by parents who work closely with technology in their professions. The goal is to show students the many and various careers that integrate technology in serious ways on a daily basis, whether it be programming, web development, graphic design, animation, logistics, systems management, etc.

Jack would love to have presenters make a half day commitment to present to either AM or PM classes, or, if time is an issue, present at a brown-bag lunch for interested computer students. Of course, Jack would appreciate any time an interested presenter could spare, so if you can only commit to a class period or two, he is still interested in having you come in! Please direct all inquiries to jack@eagleschool.org, and thanks to everyone in advance for committing your time, energy, and ideas to this project!

Interested in presenting to younger students?  If any parents are interested in sharing their computer expertise with Nest, Primary, or Upper Primary students, please contact Gabrielle at gabrielle@eagleschool.org to discuss your ideas. These presentations may be during "Tech Month," but they may also fit better at other times during the year.  Gabrielle looks forward to hearing from you.