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Sept. 21 Update

TimeSept. 21, 2012

from:Nystrand, Nancy

to:All Students

     Since the beginning of our emphasis on trees, both groups of Jr. 4/5s have discussed and done a work sheet on some of the hundreds of items that we make or use from trees.  These items range from paint solvents (e.g., turpentine) to building materials, to rubber tires.  The students also discussed and listed over fifty foods that come from trees.  On Friday, Sept. 14, the students began considering ways that trees are different from other woody plants.  We spent time outdoors comparing trees to shrubs to see how they are different from each other.  Over the next few class periods, the 4/5s discussed and took notes on the differences between trees and shrubs, and trees and vines.  On Friday, Sept. 21, the 4/5B's began a study of tree bark.  In the classroom, they used crayons to make rubbings of a smooth surface and of a bumpy surface to see how the rubbings would be different from each other.  Outdoors, the students then did bark rubbings of the trunks of five different kinds of trees -- one rubbing at the base, and another about four feet from the ground of each tree.  Back in the classroom, the students began to analyze their findings. The 4/5As did the practice rubbings of smooth and bumpy surfaces, and made predictions for the bark rubbing study, but were unable to go outside because of rain.  Instead, they watched a video called Eyewitness:Tree.  Both groups will complete the bark rubbing study, and the 4/5Bs will see the video on trees next week.

There are no homework assignments at this time.