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Round and Round

TimeSept. 24, 2012

from:Beckett, Marcia

to:Nest - 5/6 Art

Nest:  The Nest students are experimenting with lines in many ways.  This week we are going to make a line sculpture using wire.

Primary:  The Primaries are learning about symmetry while making a felt and fabric wall hanging. 

Upper Primary:  Maps are the theme again this week.  The children will be making imaginary maps.  Mapmaking ties into their study of communities in LA/SS/D.

Intermediates:  The Intermediates are now starting a unit about insects.  They will be making a paper insect this week and a paper mache sculpture of an insect next week.  This unit will tie in to their study of habitats in Science class.

3/4s:  The 3/4s are now working on radial designs.  Radial balance is any type of balance based on a circle with its design extending from center (for example, a wheel with spokes).  Repetition, pattern and balance are key concepts in this project.

4/5s:  The 4/5s are using magazines pictures to create a collage of the interior of a house.  They are focusing on overlapping and integrating the shapes.  Soon, they will be introduced to Surrealism and they will be adding unexpected elements to their picture using size, scale, juxtaposition and dislocation to create a surreal atmosphere.

5/6s:  The 5/6s had the privilege of listening to Mrs. Doris Koster, a wife of a veteran, talk to our class about the story of the poppies and read to us the poem "In Flander's Field" http://www.cal-mum.com/poppy.htm

The 5/6s will be making posters to honor the veterans.  These will be displayed at the Fitchburg Senior Center and three will be chosen for top honors and seven for honorable mentions.  The students will be invited to a Veteran's Day ceremony at the Senior Center.