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Opera For the Young, February 15th

TimeFeb. 06, 2013

from:Harper, Darlene

to:Junior 5/6 Music

Dear Parents of the 5/6 Class,

I have so much information to share with you and hope that you will take the time to read this thoroughly.  We have a wonderful opportunity to perform with OFTY next Friday at TGIF.  Due to some miscommunications, we were only given the materials yesterday to prepare for this.  Needless to say, I want the students to sing as if we had gotten the music months ago!  We are hoping that you will come to hear your student perform with Opera For the Young in Massenet's Cinderella.  

All of the 5/6s will be participating.  OFTY will come in about 75 minutes before TGIF to help get the students aquainted with what they need to know as far as entrances and exits, dance movements, and so on.  My students will, of course, be completely prepared music-wise!

Here is what you will need to know to help prepare your child for this great experience:

1)  Everyone needs to wear dark pants - dark jeans, black pants, or dark leggings will all be fine - and a long- or short-sleeved t-shirt, also dark, with no lettering or design whatsoever.

2)  Since the students will, for the most part, be mice, the more gray the better in the above outfit, but it really does not matter.  This is just a suggestion.

3)  Some of the students will be at the sides, not directly on the stage, and will need to bring a few more costume items, if possible.  The girls could easily bring in a skirt that perhaps matches their t-shirt and pull that on when they need to be 'party guests'.  The boys can bring in a nice shirt that they can put on over their t-shirts and tuck into pants, for a more dressy look. 

4) OFTY typically only accommodates 16 students, but I told them that I could not choose 16 out of the 5/6 class, therefore the need for some extra costumes for those students who will be seen, but will not be clothed by OFTY.

5) ALL students, however, should follow #1 and #2 above, whether bringing in their own items, or being costumed by OFTY.

This is last minute, parents, I realize, but the students and I have our work cut out for us and so we are hoping we can leave the pants and shirts up to you!  Thank you so much.  We hope that you can attend TGIF on Friday, February 15th.