Welcome SHABACH! Christian Academy Homeschool


TimeSept. 22, 2012

from:Onuma, Kathleen

to:SAT Prep-English

Dear Students and Parents:

Please complete the book: The Miracle Worker;  please use the active reading sheet that was given to you to help you focus on your reading.  Visualize what is happening in the story.  Try to imagine that you are Helen.  These things may help you personalize your reading time and help make it more interesting. The best way to improve vocabulary is to read.

Review your vocabulary for weeks 1&2.  You are expected to have a notebook with your vocabulary homework. You are expected to use your index cards for review.  Your cards should be brought to class weekly.  Incorporate your words into your daily conversation.

Our next book is: To Kill A Mockingbird, please bring it to class with you on Thursday.

You can do all things through Christ who gives you strength!


Mrs. Onuma