First Day

TimeAug. 15, 2012

from:McConnell, Marcia

to:All Students

Thank you for sharing your child with me. I was blessed by the positive attitude each child displayed toward gaining knowledge.

I have posted each lesson in the gradebook so you may see what was accomplished. Today I did not take grades, just noted if the work was completed.

Homework is not usually given on Wednesdays. I asked students to look around their yard, observing what is laying or crawling on the ground. I would like each student to bring in something they observed. We will put it on the "What is it?" table. During science we will pick something to observe and draw. This item must be something which is completely contained, if it is alive. No extra bodies darting around the classroom, please. Items can be something like: leaves, a bug which cannot escape it's jar, a rock, a seed, a stick, etc. Call or text, if you have questions.

In Christ,

Mrs. McConnell