Welcome Victory Baptist Academy


TimeAug. 24, 2012

from:McConnell, Marcia

to:All Students

It was a blessed week with the fourth graders. They worked very hard. I do appreciate each one of you as you help your child become responsible in turning in assignments and filling out items like their homework sheets. This blog is to assist parents. If I can add something which will help you, please let me know.

Tonight's homework is to begin looking at Spelling List 2. Your child does not need to turn in anything in Spelling on Monday. I also assigned Language Arts page 12 Think B. This assignment should be written in the Language Arts spiral and turned in Monday morning. These assignments are on the board and should be written in your child's Character Binder on the Homework Sheet even if your child has extra time to complete it in class.

This is an amazing year already.

I hope you have a great weekend.

In Christ,

Mrs. McConnell