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Spelling Tips

TimeAug. 25, 2012

from:McConnell, Marcia

to:All Students

One parent asked: "Do the fourth graders need to know how to spell the definitions?" No. Definitions are definitions, spelling words are spelling words. Usually the definitions are on the Friday test sheet which students need to match to the vocabulary words. If the definitions need to be written, I can read most writings, as long as they are close.

Another question about spelling was: "What if my child gets a higher grade on the Thursday spelling test, does the Thursday test count?" No. I am not grading the Thursday test, the students are doing the grading. If a child believes he/she has received 100%, that test is brought to me. I then check it. If I see the 100% as well, then the child does not need to take the Friday test and will receive a reward.

I try to remind students to grade their friend's paper correctly on Thursday. They can help their friend learn their words by marking the incorrect words. Their friends would like to receive 100% on Friday to also receive a reward from me.

Please ask questions, they help me to help the other parents who may also need that information.