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Next Week News

TimeAug. 31, 2012

from:McConnell, Marcia

to:All Students

Have a safe and happy Labor Day weekend. 

Spelling words for next week are:

List 3

deceit, review, balcony, ability, bruise, elementary, pedestrian, knuckle, rescue, mischievous, Connecticut CT, interstate, vehicle, traffic, anniversary, galaxy, intersection, expressway, conceited, commute

Vocabulary words for spelling are:

challenge = a test of skill or ability

faithful = loyal; trustworthy; steadfast

legible = clearly written; readable

predicament = an unpleasant, difficult situation

organize = to arrange in good order

I also asked students to take home their history book to prepare for a test on Tuesday. This test covers chapters 1 & 2. I showed them how to read over the bold and underline parts of those chapters. I also showed them how to read over the comprehension questions within the chapters, and the Chapter Checkup questions at the end of each chapter.

Next week is a shortend week. Thank you for your help in spelling. I will give the List 3 test Friday, September 7, and the pretest Thursday, September 6.

I hope you have a wonderful time with your children on Monday, Labor Day. I can't wait to see them Tuesday, transformed into the bright students that they are.