Welcome Victory Baptist Academy


TimeSept. 07, 2012

from:McConnell, Marcia

to:All Students

We had a great week with many tests, along with some rewards for perfect papers.

We took a timed multiplication table paper today. Your child needed to complete from the top to the bottom, only by rows within an allotted time. Today they were granted 5 minutes. I hope to get them down to three minutes by the end of the year. Each row earned an M&M candy. This system will cement relationships of numbers. I also use fact families in their math spirals to relate numbers, making math connect into sense. The Math Times Table will come home Monday. I plan on giving this each Friday.

List 4 words for next week are: gigantic, pier, cousin, enemy, orange, fourth, surprise, stomach, minister, cyclone, Massachusetts (MA), grieve, janitor, tithe, hyphen, aspirin, accompany, ceiling, baptize, Christian, petal, audience, really

and the vocabulary words are:

scholar = a student; a person of much learning

pamphlet = a booklet

ancestor = a relative of long ago

commandment = an order

honesty = truthfulness

Your child has been assigned to read chapter 2 in Song of the Brook. A quiz grade will be taken on this chapter on Monday.

I have made a revised test calendar which I hope to distribute to the children Monday. 

"And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind..."

In Christ,

Mrs. McConnell