History Project

TimeSept. 14, 2012

from:McConnell, Marcia

to:All Students

Everyone brought in an amazing project on the Indian housing and transportation. We took our projects upstairs to the big chapel room where Mr. Ticzkus was our first visitor. The second through sixth grade students all came to visit us as we explained our various Indian abodes and transportation devices.We showed them child size along with model size teepees. We showed Indian lodges, a couple of hogan dwellings, and lodges made with earth and wood. We did not have cliff or pueblo dwellings to display. We had some canoes. We really needed a picture of a bullboat to have some of them floating around the room. The rest of the elementary was very pleased to be able to see these excellent projects. Thank you for all your efforts in helping your child. Big smiles were seen everywhere.

In Christ,

Mrs. McConnell