Welcome Victory Baptist Academy

This Weekend

TimeSept. 21, 2012

from:McConnell, Marcia

to:All Students

Hello Parents and Students,

Our homework over the weekend is to read Song of the Brook chapters 14 and 15. We will begin writing our book report next week in class. Please make sure you not only read the words, but understand: what the story is talking about (plot), who the main characters are, and the various settings of this story. The book report on Song of the Brook is due Wednesday, September 26.

We also are responsible to define some science words over the weekend to be handed in on Monday: annual rings, evergreen, conifer, pollination.

Our spelling words for next week are concentrating on doubling the final consonant before adding a suffix that begins with a vowel: absence, excitement, committee, exactly, forgotten, awkward, miniature, caution, Wednesday, error, New Hampshire NH, Virginia VA, lawyer, vacuum, planning, disappearance, psalm, controlled, naturally, winning, children, daughter, seldom

Vocabulary words are:

rejoice = to be filled with joy, pleasure, or satisfaction

shrewd = clever

sanitary = clean

recommend = to suggest

legend = a story handed down from the past

We have a Language Arts test on Monday, September 24, and a Math Test on Friday, September 28. If you read the information in the colored boxes at the top of the pages, this will help you on your tests.

I am sending home the Field Trip Permission Form for our October 18, 2012 trip to Main Stay Farm on Monday. Please look for it in your child's Monday papers.

In Christ,

Mrs. McConnell