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Chapters 1-4 Vocabulary for The Whale Rider

TimeOct. 05, 2012

to:English 9 Period 1

Chapter 1
yearning-to want something very strongly
iridescent- having rainbow colors that appear to move and change as the angle at which they are seen changes
vivacity- liveliness and high-spiritedness
leviathan-a whale or other large sea animal
Chapter 2
benign magnificence-harmless impressive grandeur
succored -to provide help or relief to somebody or something in a difficult or unpleasant situation
plangent-expressing or suggesting grief or sadness
burgeoned-to grow well or develop rapidly
Chapter 3
reconcile-to persuade somebody or yourself to accept that something undesirable cannot be changed
pronouncement-to declare something officially to be the situation
Chapter 4
penitent-expressing or feeling regret or sorrow for having committed sins or misdeeds