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Visual Art

TimeAug. 20, 2012

from:Norton, Christine

to:All Students

Welcome to PACE Academy's Visual Arts 



I Hope you all had a wonderful summer break! Let's have a great year learning and accomplishing new things! Please read over the following posted syllabus carefully and come to class prepared. Thanks, Christine

Visual Arts Syllabus for Art I – IV
(Levels I - IV are combined. Small class sizes allow for variations of curriculum and expectations accordingly)

Instructor: Christine Norton

Course Objectives:
To provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to express themselves creatively and appreciate the cultural significance of art and crafts throughout history and today.


Build Drawing Skills (with a focus on the Renaissance)
Analysis of Form (light and shadows)
Understand Proportions
Reproduce Tones
Create Depth (perspective drawing)
Contour Line Drawing

Painting and Color Theory
Learn how to properly use different types of paint
Care for Materials
Palette preparation and color wheels
Create Color Schemes
Recognize and put to use complementary colors
Analyze relationships between color and mood
Study work by the Masters

Understanding the Dynamics of Clay
Sculpting and Hand Building
The Potter’s Wheel (skills and processes)
Ceramic Art Appreciation and Terminology
Glazing and Decoration Techniques

Artisans and Folk Artists
Learn about famous folk artists of the past
Gain an understanding and appreciation for self taught and working class artists and learn about how their work has the ability to reflect social values and traditions.
Learn skills to produce both aesthetically pleasing and functional objects


Students are responsible for completing each project by the due date. It is their responsibility to keep track of their work by either putting it in their portfolio (which is stored in the art room), putting it away on the drying racks or shelves designated for their particular block or keeping it with them in a notebook or book bag.

As an Art Teacher in alignment with the NC Standard Course of Study, Art I – IV must develop not only the students’ imagination and dexterity but also his/her literacy and reasoning, therefore it is necessary to have some written assignments in the art program. Students are expected to pay attention during lectures which will help them make connections between art and other disciplines. They will also be expected to follow step by step instructions on how to write a formal critique, and they will be expected to learn certain art related vocabulary.

Each student is to have either a special notebook or a special section in their notebook for Art. Handouts will be provided weekly to help keep everyone informed. You should keep these and your unfinished written assignments in your personal notebook. It is your responsibility to keep up with what is going on in the classroom, even if you are absent.

Occasionally students are asked to bring something from home like a photo, magazine clipping or a personal object to draw from. Also some assignments can be completed at home if a student is falling behind.

Students are expected to be present and on time. (This class will follow the attendance policies outlined in the student handbook.) It is expected that each student make an effort on a daily basis.


Projects, assignments and homework will be graded on effort, craftsmanship and the student’s ability to complete assignments according to instruction. They must also demonstrate an understanding of the assignments and the ability to grow and progress.

Scale A: 93-100 B: 86 – 92 C: 77 – 85 D: 70 – 76 F: 69 and below