Welcome PACE Academy


TimeAug. 21, 2012

from:Mtingwa, Dejah

to:Fall Physical Science, 1

Welcome to Science!

Students will be working on Biology or Physical Science through hands on learning and we will be using interactive notebooks.

I will be supplying the notebooks for first semester but students will need to buy a notebook with at least 100 pages for second semester.  Students will be expected to keep their notebooks up to date, and every page needs to be filled out.  Also, students are expected to attend all classes.  If students are found to be skipping classes, they will not receive credit for the assignment that they missed, and they will not be able to make it up.

Students are allowed to miss 11 classes in a semester; if they are absent 12 times, students will fail the course.  STUDENTS CAN MAKE UP ABSENCES AT A RATE OF ONE ABSENCE PER SATURDAY SCHOOL BY STAYING AND WORKING FOR ONE HOUR.  Students cannot make up more than ONE absence per Saturday school.

Notes and Missed Assignments:
Notes will be available on the blog to the left.  Assignments will be available in the classroom and will be sorted out by day of the week.  Assignments that are two weeks or more old will be in folders underneath the assignments for days of the week.  Due to the preparation necessary for labs, LABS CANNOT BE MADE UP.

Students will need to purchase the following:
Glue Sticks (the larger ones are preferable)
Ballpoint pen
Colored Pencils

Grade Breakdown:
Notebook Checks   25%
Homework 15%
Classwork/Class Participation 20%
Test 40%