Welcome PACE Academy

Welcome to PACE

TimeAug. 23, 2012

from:Fredrick, Charryse

to:All Students

"Let each of us aspire to inspire, before we expire." - Albert Clarke, Jr., Author

August 2012

I am inspired at orientations by the refreshing energy that is in the room, new energy.  I love new beginnings and I am happy to continue this journey through life with you from this point forward.  There are a lot of changes taking place in education at this time and we are preparing to help students meet each challenge.

My aim is to design instruction to capitalize on the strengths, abilities, and interests of each student.  We will carefully examine personal goals, interests, and post-graduaton plans, while considering educational objectives and curricula standards.  We are a team:  parents, teachers, students, and other members of our community.  PACE truly is a Partnership Achieving Community Education.  I am proud to be a part of this community.

This is my third year teaching English at PACE Academy.  My first two years I primarily taught 9th and 10th grade students enrolled in English I and English II.  This year I welcome the opportunity to work with students enrolled in English IV, preparing for post-graduation.  All students enrolled in my classes will create a portfolio of work this year, which we will begin organizing the first week in September.  The portfolio will include writing samples, artwork, photographs, and audio-visual presentations used to communicate with an audience.  Students will create products and presentations which maintain standard conventions of written and oral language.

A new school year is like a blank notebook.  Let's write a wonderful story!

Miss Charryse Fredrick