Welcome PACE Academy

Welcome to ACT Prep.

TimeAug. 25, 2012

from:Miller, Jane

to:Fall ACT Prep, 4

Welcome to 4th period ACT Prep class!  I am thrilled to be working in the classroom with you this semester.   As you know, all students in the 11th grade must take the ACT exam in March 2013.  The purpose of this class will be to prepare you for successful completion of the ACT requirement.  Additionally, I hope to use our time together to assist you in making the most of your academic experience at PACE Academy.  

Items needed for Class:

  1. Spiral bound notebook or composition book for notes and in class work
  2. Pen or pencil
  3. A good attitude! 

General Procedures

Timeliness:  Each day, we will spend 70 minutes together.  Please be prompt.  Class begins after lunch at 12:35 PM and ends at 1:45 PM.  If you are late, please get a pass from the office and enter the classroom with minimal disruption.

Participation:  All individuals in the classroom (students & teachers) are expected to act respectfully, responsibly, and ready to work!  In class tasks are meant to expand your horizons as a student; therefore, I expect each of you to do your best.  In the same respect, I hope that you expect me to do my best every day as we work together.  

Instances in which you may be asked to leave the room:  While all cases can not be described, it is fair to say that if a student is disruptive to the learning of others, he or she will be asked to visit the Student Affairs office.  

Absence from Class:  Your assignment are posted on Thinkwave in advance.  Should you be absent from class, you are still responsible for completing the assigned work! Most assignments should be completed during classtime. In cases where you must complete work from home, instructions for accessing assignments online can be found under the assignments tab.  If you do not have internet access at home, please arrange with me times before or after school in which you can access the internet.  

Classroom Policies

Electronics:  No electronics (phones, IPods, earphones, etc)  should be visible or audible at PACE Academy.  Please do your part in making sure all ringers are turned silent and keep your electronics in your bookbag!  Please:  Eliminate the need for confiscation of your electronic devices.

Bathroom, Water, Etc.:  Students may leave only in cases of emergency. Outside of an imminent emergency, please come to class prepared to stay for the duration (e.g. use the bathroom before class, bring a water bottle, etc)

Absences & Tardies:  Students are permitted 12 days absent from class.  On the 13th absence, students can not earn credit for the course and will need to repeat the course.  Likewise, 3 incidents of tardiness equal 1 day of absence;  therefore, please come on time to class!

Course Overview

The first five weeks of the semester, we will focus on written expression and vocabulary.  During weeks six-ten, we will focus on reading comprehension and vocabulary.  During weeks eleven-fifteen, we will focus on mathematics calculation and reasoning.  Throughout each unit, students will learn about ACT and SAT tests, complete examples through guided and independent practice, apply test taking strategies, and discover their strengths and areas for improvement.

Mondays:  This is "test day" for all elective classes - including this one!  Please be prepared for a test or quiz every Monday.  Tests will cover all material learned the previous week and include a sample portion of a typical standardized test.

Again, I look forward to working with you this semester.  I am available by appointment, only.  Please call the school (919) 933-7699, email me at janemiller@pace-academy.com, or text me at (919) 360-7491 to arrange an appointment.