Welcome PACE Academy

Week 2

TimeSept. 04, 2012

from:Bittner, Jamie

to:Fall Elective, 5

There are so many leaders in our classroom.  Reflecting back on last week, our first week of school, I am already thinking how amazed I am at some of you.  I can't wait to see what comes of the leaders in our class by the end of the semester. 

This past week we discussed what leadership is and how, although it is hard to define, there are many attributes that can define a leader.  We also discussed the different leadership styles and how this can relate to your career one day.  Friday was a great day of collaboration, brainstorming, and sharing ideas with Ms. Fredrick's class.  We will discuss and review this tomorrow as well as the list you came up with on how to improve our school through leadership!

Tuesday: review from Friday, categorize list into subgroups, break up into small groups, define role responsibilities

Wednesday: What is a vision?  Small group break-outs: Develop a Vision for your project

Thursday: What is a Mission?  How is it different from a Vision? Small group break-outs: Develop a Mission for your project

Friday: Small group Presentations with Ms. Fredrick's class