Welcome PACE Academy

Week 3

TimeSept. 11, 2012

from:Bittner, Jamie

to:Fall Elective, 5

UNC this week..who is ready? 

Just a reminder based on our class discussion last week.  In order for you to travel with the class to UNC, you must have:

1) Good grades...C average or higher.

2) Attendance...no more than 1 per week. 

3) Good behavior...will check in with Doug Lynch prior to our outing. 

Class Update:  So far, we have taken a list of over 20 recommendations to improve our school and have broken them down into 5 sub-groups.  We have developed the following:

  • Group Name and Goal
  • List of Stakeholders
  • Discussion of Role Responsibilities (to be continued)
  • Group Mission
  • Group Vision

Can't wait to share this with UNC and see what suggestions they may have for you!