Assignments for English II and IV + Individual Student-Teacher Conferences

TimeSept. 18, 2012

from:Fredrick, Charryse

to:All Students

This week we will embark on "the Great Discovery" to realize our mission and enhance our vision.  Arnold Bennett said, "(t)he real tragedy is the tradegy of the man who never in his life braces himself for the one supreme effort--he never stretches to his full capacity..."  In Room 107 this week, students will reflect on their personal goals and values, and then create a personal mission statement that will help guide the decisions they make for the remainder of the year.

The assigned reading is PART II of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens:  The Private Victory.  Wednesday will be the in-class reading day.  Students will have time to read in small groups or independently, as we continue to discuss key terms and concepts from the current course text.  Instruction will be given on how to use the Cornell System of Note-Taking for lectures and reading.

Time will be allotted for individual conferences, if students have questions about their progress in the course.  Students are strongly encouraged to check the status of their assignments on ThinkWave, during this week.  The last day to turn in any missing assignments will be Saturday, September 22nd at 12 NOON.  So, please notify me, immediately, if you notice any errors in reporting on ThinkWave.  Students must have the work to show their effort, before any grading will be adjusted.

Miss Charryse Fredrick | English II and IV