Oct. 22 - 25: Week Nine

TimeOct. 22, 2012

from:Miller, Jane

to:Fall ACT Prep, 4

Monday:  Geometry on the ACT.  Major Topics:  angles & lines; triangles; four-sided figures; circles 

Angles Extra Practice

Triangles Extra Practice

Area extra practice

Circles Extra Practice

Tuesday:  Graphing & Coordinate Geometry on the ACT:  Coordinate plane, slope formula, y-intercept formula, midpoint formula, parabolas

Graphing Practice


Wednesday:  Trigonometry:  sides of a right triangle (hypotenuse, adjacent, opposite;  sine, cosine, tangent


Thursday:  Logarithms & ACT's Three favorite Quadratics!!!

Logarithm extra Practice

Friday:  No School / TWD