Welcome Growing Treasures Learning Center


TimeAug. 20, 2012

to:All Students

Third Grade

Dear Parents/Guardians,
Welcome to third grade! We hope that you and your family had a relaxing summer break and are ready to begin an exciting year.
Your child will encounter many new things in third grade. We will work together while learning about communities, geography, and economics. We will investigate plant growth, changes in matter, and rocks and minerals in our science units. In math, we will embark on a voyage of learning about new topics and new ways of thinking. We will explore many different genres as we learn about ourselves as readers and writers.
We would like to start the year by becoming partners with you in your child’s education. You can help begin this partnership by taking a few moments to describe your child. How do you see your child as a learner and as a person? What are your child’s interests? What are some goals you have for your child for third grade? What important things should your child’s teacher know to help him or her have a successful school experience? Please jot down these ideas and send them to your child’s teacher through email.
We look forward to working together to create a positive and productive school year.

Mrs. Adams