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Welcome to Biology!

TimeAug. 22, 2012

files: Syllabus.xls

to:All Students

Hello Students!

I hope you enjoyed your first day of classes, and I hope that Biology is your FAVORITE class so far! ;)  I told you that I would be using an online gradebook and this is it.  Thinkwave.com.  Anytime you or your parents want to login and check on your grades, just go to thinkwave.com/RobinsonKimberly and choose your specific class.  I will be sending each of you a password so that you can view your grades.  I'm also attaching the syllabus I gave you in class. That way if you ever lose yours, you can always come back to this page and print another one out.  I hope you have a great week, and I'll see you in class on Monday.


Study Diligently!
Mrs. Robinson